Kingsman Nidhi Savings Account

Let’s cultivate habit of savings. Isn’t it great to have Nidhi savings account as secondary bank account where you not only get high returns but also other benefits available to members?

Kingsman Nidhi Savings Deposit features

  •   You can open a saving account with us with minimum amount Rs 100
  •   Best interest of 6% can be availed on the savings deposit
  •   Set aside a portion of your liquid money into this account
  •   Get the withdrawal facility with our prepaid cards from any ATM across India
  •   Deposit can be done online using our quick pay links.
  •   With the membership of Nidhi, you get 1 share of Bank as per the prescribed rules of RBI.
  •   You also get eligible to deposit into any schemes and avail loan facilities against the same.
  •   Nomination facility is available for Savings account.
  •   Saving account is of continuing nature. There is no maximum period.
  •   However, Loan facility cannot be availed against this savings account

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