Recurring Deposit

If you believe in the philosophy of small steps lead to bigger journey then recurring deposit is for you. You can start saving small but regular with us and can get higher returns over a period of time. You can start your recurring deposit account with us with minimum amount of Rs 500 and above every month for a specific period of time and get your money with returns at the end of that period.

Kingsman Nidhi Recurring Deposit features

  •   The minimum amount you can start with is Rs. 500
  •   The minimum period of investment is 12 months and maximum 60
  •   The highest rate of interest is 9%
  •   Loan is not available against your recurring deposit amount
Period Rate of Interest Rate of Interest
(Senior Citizens)
12 Months 7% 7.25%
18 months 7.5% 7.75%
24 months 8% 8.25%
30 months 8.5% 8.25%
30 months 8.5% 8.75%
36 months 9% 9.25%

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